What is it ?

Karne Age is my second year’s project. It is a diablo-like, developped with 6 programmers (including me) and 3 artists during 8 weeks, supported by Frédéric Markus.

Why ?

Our ambition was to develop a game with a gameplay enabling us to use the maximum of knowledge we  got during the year and make this production as professional as we can. So we decided a hack’n slash could be a good one. Our goal wasn’t to innovate, that is why we chose some references, especially Diablo, and tried to go as close as we can of a professional production : from game concept to presenting the game in conventions, passing by the redaction of the game documentation, playtests etc…

What I’ve done ?

I was in charge of writting game documentation, the camera, the audio manager, the inputs, the animations, the event scripting, I recorded the voices.

Facebook : Here

See the project : Here

Download the game : Here