What is it ?

SpaceLight Symphony is my first year’s project. It is a shoot’em up, developped with 8 programmers (including me) and 8 artists during 10 weeks and game designed by Frédérick Raynal. Students were split in 3 groups, each group working on its own level. The first level is a vertical scrolling, the second is a horizontal scrolling and the third is a isometric scrolling.

Why ?

My first big project in team. The goal was, beyond developping a game, to learn how to work under constraints given by specifications and how to work in team on a big project.

What I’ve done ?

I was in charge of the implementation of the mathematics of the isometric system and the mathematics of the ennemy patterns. I implemented the UI and I also involved in the debbuging and the merge with the others group. Furthermore I was in charge of the communication between my group and the others and I presented the game in front of the jury at the library of Nîmes.

See the project : Here

Download the game : Here