What is it ?

Nornfoss is my last year’s project.

It is a multiplayer TPS, playable in LAN, developped with 7 programmers (including me) and 4 artists during 8 weeks using the Unreal Engine 4.

Why ?

Our goal was to familiarize us with the UE4 and developpe an networking playable game. It offers an assymetric gameplay : a powerfull witch, using attack in area, against 4 bowmen (weaker than the witch). This project was a very big challenge for my team : we never had worked on a networking game and we have not had practice with UE4 !


What I’ve done ?

I realized a lot of supporting and debugging task, I developped the UI and I had laid the foundations for a lot of gameplay features (the shoot of hunters, the area attack of the witch …).

This project will end soon.

Facebook : Here